A. Tarot Consultation Services

We provide online tarot consultation via whatsapp, wechat and fb messenger with following options:-
– 30 minutes
– 45 minutes
– 60 minutes
Please contact us for more detail on pricing and terms.

B. Tarot and Mysticism Online Teaching Courses

Introduction to Mysticism
This course is designed for newbies who intend to start up spiritual practice or curious about mysticism. It is the foundation course for Tarot 3 sessions online course.

Tarot 3 sessions online course
Tarot 3 sessions online course is a full fledged tarot course designs to prepare the participants to become ethical tarot readers.

Tarot advanced course
Online small groups classes and online one-to-one classes are available.

Self Healing Course (customised and one to one)
This one to one zoom meeting course is about sharing of self-healing methods whom the reader herself has been practicing since she began her spiritual journey. In this one to one course, the reader will also customised a healing routines for the participant based on his/her conditions.

If you interested, please email us at info@liliasoultarot.com or liliamindfulness@gmail.com for more detail.

C. Distance healing - Shamanism

The journey into the mystical world will only lead you seek deeper and look farther into the Realm of shades. I could still vividly recall the feeling of uncertainties and dodginess when I first registered to learn about shamanism. Thanks to the Great Spirits who guide me to the right spiritual guru, the 2 weeks spent in Bali for shamanism had made a great impact to my life. I feel as if part of my loss soul portions have finally returned.

Shamanism is an ancient spiritual healing method that existed perhaps since the beginning where ancient one started humming the myths and legends of the far mystical lands. The Shaman employs an archaic technique of ecstasy in which he is believed to leave his body and travel to where they call the homeland of all the celestial, goddess, ancestors tribe and great spirits – the world beyond sky and sleeps deep beneath the primordial oceans.

As a shamanic practitioner, I was at first reluctant to perform any healing to my clients with this method even though I knew they came just for that sole reason. But one day I was awaken from a dream that I could no longer assemble and I then decided to start offering to clients that requested for shamanic healing sessions.

As of now, I am offering the following distance healing sessions:-
(a) Retrieval of Soul Portions
(b) Retrieval of Power Animal
(c) Extraction of Spiritual Intrusions
(d) Cord-cutting
(e) Dream Interpretation

Please contact us for more details.

D. My Soul Bundle - Product

My soul bundle is a customised healing tools and packages. For more information please contact us at info@liliasoultarot.com or liliamindfulness@gmail.com

E. Eastern Astrology


F. Astrology Chart Adjustment

Coming Soon